Documentary Voices in its 4th edition focuses on Women Empowerment. Nabila brings you the story.

Movie Premier "A Separation" show in Knowledge Village, organized by Documentary Voices.

Documentary Voices 2010 - Dubai

6th Documentary Children Voices: FilmScreenings Lectures & Workshops -5 Day of Documentary Making Course Lead By Yemane Demissie

A video made as a work for doc voices... edited and camera khaled


Naomi Wolf: US publisher cancels book release after accuracy concerns

A BBC radio interview revealed the author had misunderstood British legal terms about homosexuality.

Wed Oct 23 2019 11:16:49

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'Terminator: Dark Fate' blasts a path back to its origins

When the Terminator warned "I'll be back" 35 years ago, no one could have foreseen how true that catchphrase would become. Even so, "Terminator: Dark Fate" represents a welcome return to the its origins, with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton reprising their roles, adding nostalgia and mythological heft that separates it from everything that has followed "Judgment Day."

Tue Oct 22 2019 23:04:38

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Six films to watch this week

Nigel Andrews reviews Monos, Terminator: Dark Fate, By the Grace of God and The Last Black Man in San Francisco — plus Danny Leigh on Official Secrets and The Peanut Butter Falcon

Wed Oct 23 2019 15:51:20

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Rose McGowan is suing Harvey Weinstein and his former lawyers

The 45-year-old actress was one of the first people to bring sexual assault accusations against the disgraced producer, when she alleged he had raped her at the Sundance film festival in 1997.

Wed Oct 23 2019 22:04:00

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Get to Know the Winner of Netflix’s ‘Rhythm and Flow’

Wed Oct 23 2019 10:00:09

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Matt Gaetz Says Storming Impeachment Hearings was Like '300'

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Satanic Panic

Film Review

Tue Oct 22 2019 21:24:00

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Favorite Links

Soheil Javadi

Graphic designer and advertisement agency

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Dubai Film Festival 2016

International Dubai Film Festival

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Karnameh Institute

Karnameh Institute of Arts & Culture

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